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Здесь собран основной список предметов фурнитуры с картинками для того, чтобы было удобно маппить ваши личные интерьеры. Большая благодарность за создание данной темы следующим людям: MartosG, cxn, Lena, Azexor, Fahuky, GTAW.FR, effion

Полный список - значит то, что список фурнитуры полностью сделан

Незакончено - не полный список фурнитуры/отсутствует и будет дополнен позже. картинок под большинство объектов нет - поэтому в некоторых разделах не полная информация, но думаю и этого хватит.

Навигация по списку мебели:
Couches, Chairs, Armchairs, Misc. Seating, Office Chairs, Benches, Beds, Electronics, Appliances (находится в первом посте)

Tables, Side and Coffee Tables, Outdoor Tables, Misc Tables, Shelves, Dresser, Safes and Lockers, Cabinets, Misc. Personal Storage

Plumbing, Umbrella and Canopies, Traffic cones and barriers, Auto, Construction, Traffic Signs, Buildings and Structure, Industrial, Business and Store Related

Pallets shipping boxes and storage, effects, trash cans, Trash and Litter, Public Utility, Machinery, Mail Related, Restaurant Related, Vending Machines

Stairs and ladders, Doors, Garage doors, Business doors, Blinds and curtains, Windows, Glass

Walls, Misc Doors, Gates and Fences, Pillars and Poles, Exercise, Hobbies, Sports, Instruments, Cleaning (В ЭТОМ СПИСКЕ ПРОБЛЕМА С КОДОМ, ПОЭТОМУ ВСЕ КАРТИНКИ СПРЯТАНЫ ПОД ПОСЛЕДНИМ /СКРЫТЫМ ТЕКСТОМ/)

Office, Beach, Animal Related, Death Related, Holiday Related, Drugs, Medical, Outdoors, Recreation

Everyday Items, Lighting, Nature, Misc., Plants, Mature, Signs, Decoration, Wall Art
Photos, Statues, Flags, Computers, Smartphones and Phones, Radios and Speakers, Clocks, Cameras, TVs

Entertainment and Media, Misc. Electronics, Beauty Items, Food Items, Drinks, Toys, Weapon and Tools, Kitchen items, Clothing

Accessories, Luggage, Backpack and Bags, Imported Objects, Imported Objects 2, Imported Objects 3, Walls / Floors / Roof 1, Walls / Floors / Roof 2, Walls / Floors / Roof 3, Walls / Floors / Roof 4, Skate Park, Gambling


Couches(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Autumn Print Couch: VWXijWq.png 

Beige L Couch: sZ5VnTS.png 

Black L Couch: aClnHjm.png 

Black Plain Leather Sofa: OhR8y4f.png 

Blue Loveseat: 7qSDCgm.png 

Blue Sofa: 7qSDCgm.png 

Brown Double Couch: SgCfCzA.png 

Brown Gold Patterned Couch: lEdw5ds.png 

Brown Leather Couch: 42lNusq.png 

Damaged Sofa 1: gNSQL9w.png 

Damaged Sofa 2: Noq4zlT.png 

Damaged Sofa 3: GeRIywM.png 

Dark Green Corner Sofa: YAdroH0.png 

Dark L Couch With Pillows: V5rw9rr.png  

Decaying Leather Couch: 5qTaSaB.png 

Dirty Floral Sofa: irN68Lh.png 

Dirty Floral Sofa 2: ShjyAQv.png 

Gray Floral Couch: YJd2Fxq.png 

Green L Couch: fs6HEH9.png 

Large Sofa with Pillows: xD0mMNp.png 

Long Brown Leather Couch: g85cy3o.png 

Long Cream 2 Seather Couch: Kxigw9l.png 

Ornate Sofa: YbvNAdB.png 

Round Corner White Couch: 3mcHu8Y.png 

Round Cream 2 Seater Couch (it doesn't have legs): NYfWQlu.png


Striped Sofa: VSVoAaf.png 

Tan Couch Tan Cushions: C4ZqdaV.png 

Tan Couch White Cushions: TFcuA8m.png 

Vintage Burlap Sofa: ohFrgW7.png 

White Couch Brown Cushions: zz0ozmt.png


White Futon Out: skIRJl8.png 

White Futon Out With Magazine: nyZQvny.png 

White Futon with Pillows 1: XFKlVbu.png 

White Futon with Pillows 2: 7VYI8hT.png 

White Luxury Couch: RWCcEE5.png 

White Modern Sofa with Pillows: zUV1WdL.png 

Wicker Double Chair: fWlS0wl.png 

Worn Couch: U8nS6pg.png 


Chairs(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Basic Wooden Chair: QAqHl2C.png 

Basic Wooden Chair 02: 9NOxySh.png 

Beach Wood Chair: SjtzhjF.png 

Black Chair Stool: JpYofsh.png 

Black Leather Seat: qNgp3gG.png 

Black Metal Modern Dining Chair: ddJGBP1.png 

Brown Cushioned Wicker Chair: PodLB4w.png 

Brown Felt Chair: G5uKAhW.png 

Brown Silver Frame Chair: XRr1gEA.png 

Brown Teak Chair: ohVaYlK.png 

Cheap White Outdoor Chair: 4Go1HQL.png 

Cream Circular Footstool: QZ4P1Mq.png 

Dark Spruce Chair: cqdy7p2.png 

Driftwood Dining Chair: cHNSVn1.png 

Easy Navy Chair: Sm9nv1n.png 

Fancy Wooden Dining Room Chair: TLkKLdz.png  

Folded Folding Chair: UjvmeoU.png  

Folded garden chair: https://i.imgur.com/KtUDcSh.png

Folded patio chair: aP6ZM4I.png 

Folding camping chair 1: bXyDAma.png 

Folding camping chair 2: vN4AtBv.png 

Folding Camping chair 3: NVPEU6l.png 

Generic Wood Dining Chair: YaLOM1P.png 

Green Directors Chair: J4xVrvm.png 

Green Plaid Outdoor chair: WilUhDG.png 

Green Plastic Chair: QK7EmrH.png 

Hardwood Dining Chair: n05y9qF.png 

Light Cushioned Chair: JHyhYJ8.png 

Light Wicker Cafe Chair: EWNtSgf.png 

Light Wicker Dining Chair: F7GAais.png 

Living Room Chair: YHXi8ka.png 

Metal outdoor chair: NNAIPkB.png 

Modern Plastic Chair: XjNxYVG.png 

Oak Chair: 2fF2l9f.png 

Old Wooden Chair: 4vwZu9H.png 

Ornate Dining Chair: Rvd3gJK.png 

Pile of White Plastic Chairs: UKUiGlA.png 

Pinkish Metallic Chair: RWz1mCd.png 

Plaid Camping Chair 01: IzHhIga.png 

Plastic Chair: 2iCNyKA.png 

Red and Orange Cafe chair: 53VxqAE.png 

Tan Metal Dining Chair: 1H7HsDg.png 

Unfolded Garden Chair: kITFfpY.png 

Waiting Room Chair: 65iGsM0.png 

Waiting Room Seat: XU3AVBK.png 

White Cushioned Chair: 6uxrGLj.png 

White Dining Chair: ONfb3Qr.png 

White Plastic Chair: z5Onkhj.png 

White Plastic Outdoor chair: b2bKVmk.png 

Wicker Lounge Chair: kZWCsvO.png 

Wicker Single Chair: uMVhQGY.png 

Wooden Barstool: 5T3pVrX.png 

Wooden Cafe Chair: 1rlsxvE.png 

Wooden Chair White Cushion: EjFNzNQ.png 

Wooden Fancy Dining Room Chair: rf2VGmU.png 

Wooden Modern Chair:  3ep4bUl.png


Armchairs(полный список)

Скрытый текст

 armchairs - CaND9U6.png 
Beige armchairs with green seat cushions - A90sOux.png 
Black armchair metal frame - DU6rL36.png 

Black armchair with cushions - YojMPSc.png 

Black blue modern chair - a43MzkL.png  

Black leather seat - UF3hbCA.png 

Black modern armchair - vzTSKNc.png 

Black square modern armchair - z2zR3la.png 
Blackboard: x2Sd3tV.png 
Blue Grey 3: TNSXGRO.png 

Brown Armchair 1: wqgovfi.png 

Dark Brown Black Armchair 1: zBDatSb.png 

Dark brown black armchair 2: Q5KmJoW.png 

Dark red purple armchair: LuXuwFk.png 

Dark red purple double armchair: mVDD2g8.png 
Dirty armchair: tkhTFnL.png 

Easy navy chair: cdkNS6z.png 

Faded orange armchair: pgoSQAE.png 

Fancy white upholstered armchair: lVvIAqE.png 

Green medical armchair: pvx6KWy.png 

Grey brown armchair: 6y55rNS.png 

Large black leather armchair: jPP5eXa.png 

Light blue armchair: W1hF9Dv.png 

Modern white curved armchair: rXNxDQk.png 

Orange lounge chair: zFliHAO.png 

Orange modern armchair: GRFMY9t.png 

Patterned armchair: saC7728.png 

Purple armchair: 4lHU9Am.png 

Red armchair 1: https://imgur.com/9pPgTMd 

Red armchair 2: https://imgur.com/9pPgTMd 
Red modern armchair: jLvrvKC.png 

Tan armchair: RVRDsJK.png 

Tan ornate armchair: stnZYtz.png 

Vintage burlap armchair: BZnnK7S.png 

White armchair: 73yWDvr.png 

White double armchair: NSjmot4.png 

White luxury armchair: CoWUxqI.png 

White modern armchair: hYwSe1r.png 

White patterened armchair: uUKMsYc.png 

White upholstered armchair: LUcW201.png 

Wicker arm chair: XXIGK7y.png 

Wide denim armchair: wXc99m2.png 

Yellow modern armchair:  z7K72LW.png


Misc. Seating(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Arcade Race Car: wsGDaEp.png 

Arcade Race Car 2: ZOQNSvr.png 

Arcade Race car 3: iovvalf.png 
Barber Chair: q4OpGfK.png  

Barbers chair: yAGLM0r.png 

Basic lounger: tNI5foC.png 

Black bar stool: 3VYlGec.png 

Black day bed: rzkMtR8.png 

Black stool: 6C0Jt8f.png 

Blue trolly with gold ingots: W8o67JP.png 

Broken brown chair row 1: HycVPSi.png 

Broken brown chair row 2: WS3aQvL.png 

Broken brown chair row 3: SLbs3z0.png  

Brown chair row: RDHUaHQ.png 

Brown day bed: 49PH8zT.png 

Cargo box 1: BtOePxp.png 

Cargo box 2: SjaLs5c.png 

Cargo box 3: qDIgjly.png 

Cargo box 4: xUYyhkq.png 

Cargo box 5: Zp3RIGE.png 

Cargo box 6: URt9KZT.png  

Cargo box 7: CTtqinq.png 

Cargo boxes: ighjx84.png 

Cargo carrier 1: YhHgKd8.png 

Directors stool: RtmpOM5.png 

Dirty step stool: fxhQxFZ.png 
Dirty white bar stool: HzVV9Qb.png 

Fancy kitchen stool: iTH63OB.png 

Flat white luxury lounger: SHvLSfu.png 

Glamorous bar stool: Nb03ld4.png 

Green chair cushion: PrkEAWw.png 
Green dirty lounger: 9ii0cAe.png 
Grey black foot stool: 9MbuCsd.png 

Grey yacht lounger: QVoGCCZ.png 

Large dog cage: t2qQ9kT.png 

Lifeguard chair: sg0rQFW.png 

Long stage light: S7gDy9J.png 

Makeshift crate ottoman: kdQ5218.png 

Metal and wood bar stool: AJcb6cT.png 

Orange patio lounger: BNoiPFh.png 

Outdoor cushioned lounger: dOa0e0E.png 

Pharmacy shelf 01: e4XjDwC.png 

Pharmacy shelf 02: eEGpRgp.png 

Plain generic black stool: 7WUlBsI.png 

Plastic lounger: zF4rdpR.png 

Red cushion: sQSAsoh.png 

Rocking chair: wLSzS66.png 

Row of chairs: A4TsD7d.png 

S race motorcycle: EewAaN4.png 

Small dog cage: VB6hK4k.png 

Square wood stool: 9tTCcH9.png 

Stairs on wheels 1: ggGUqgC.png 

Statue base: W4wwvZc.png 

Stool with leather seat: jNw8Z0I.png 

Storage trunk: EfJ0xjO.png  

Transport boxes x4: AqhdTpz.png 

Vanity mirror: hgFzCst.png 

White black foot stool: wu3sbU1.png 

White bleachers 1: be4GqpK.png 

White bleachers 2: FnuQBWP.png 

White luxury lounger: k7fu5Fa.png 

White plastic bar stool: s7pyWVA.png 

White plastic lounger: 9cFTUA6.png 

Whiteboard 01: m9L7Z3b.png 

Whiteboard 02: gydzCkF.png 

Whiteboard 03: iHozZzf.png 

Wooden barstool: gSq2xaP.png 

Wooden counter stool: tvCnbRb.png 

Wooden driftwood stool:  YufMZFC.png


Office Chairs(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Basic Desk Lamp: qq0LtzR.png 

Black Horned Office Chair: Z4y1SSr.png 

Black Leather Chair: NfpVDJy.png 

Brown Leather Office Chair: eevUlD3.png 

Economy Small Office Chair: yodjxdU.png  

High-Back Executive Chair: jvK9Zgz.png 

Large Office Chair: WkkGuFi.png 

Large Rolling Office Chair: ZdutkR5.png 

Leather Office Chair: SYNDRSb.png 

Light Economy Office Chair: BvsJb53.png 

Modern Office Chair: vgzKRzP.png 

Modern Rolling Office Chair: xs0mw21.png 

Ribbed Rolling Office Chair: vgzKRzP.png 

Rolled Office Chair: 55hK8BI.png 

Rolling Office Chair: kfSNLIJ.png 

Roling Office Chair 01: lXlriP0.png 

Slim Rolling Office chair: LuzvJm2.png 

Slimmed Rolling Office chair: kE9i5UW.png 

Small Office Chair(gray): kE9i5UW.png 

Small office chair(red): xs0mw21.png 

Traffic Cone with light: BCozeco.png 

Worn damaged office chair: BNCxLMb.png 


Benches(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Blue muscle bench: Z3X8hO0.png 

Bouilliore1: uwZYDVv.png 

Cast iron bench: xWX6r9e.png 

Concrete wooden bench: lPfqquZ.png 

Graffiti Bench: auw1UI0.png 

Graffiti bench 2: auw1UI0.png 

Green and yellow wooden bench: sk5ZjHe.png 

Iron bench 1: 85JqEGa.png 

Long concrete Bench: Qao8kN9.png 

Long metal park bench: 85JqEGa.png 

Mechanics garage bench: Mbj7LU4.png 

Park bench: xu7uyOv.png 

Park bench 2: 5gxoAwp.png 

Park bench 3: YexD6rp.png 

Park bench 4: HO3qNEd.png 

Park bench 5: HpjkcGg.png 

Park bench 6: xLWslVZ.png 

Park bench 7: lxN5v6J.png 

Park bench 8: wPygS2i.png 

Short Metal park bench: r2yDJBO.png 

Slim Blue bench: Ay6BslQ.png 

Small wooden bench: r2TvTmg.png 

Under glass bull: Ivba2Ly.png 

Under glass white-yellow: u7XE0xl.png 

Waiting bench: NcTlcDM.png 

Waiting room bench: a3MjKmf.png 

Wooden armed bench: FUiMCnJ.png 

Wooden dining bench: l0W3twS.png 

Wooden park bench: Zr06FWE.png 

Wooden park bench 2: bMIe1v8.png 


Beds(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Black frame bed with nightstands: q2sqqvU.png 

Black jersey double bed: vubMqfc.png 

Disheveled messy bed: kdKlhX4.png  
Fancy wooden double bed: QigGysN.png 

Fancy wooden ornate bed: JPvfH55.png 

Green campbed: zoKXrIB.png 

Grey green back bed: ijlCBvT.png 

Holster: K0CNK5k.png 

Hospital bed blue: Gd0aqAN.png 

Hospital bed green: YZKRA3b.png 

Hospital bed mattress and blankets: qVnag5N.png 

Large cream brown bed: Oy4P8EP.png 

Medical bed headboard: mVUFm5g.png 

Messy double bed: xs85jFO.png 

Modern double bed: jB9Hwzl.png 

Note 01: 3nIBzt8.png 

Part built hospital bed: aMN7Jdx.png 

Payphone: VenQcjJ.png 

Red bas red: dFWgBwR.png 

Red-brown double bed: WfZy3PZ.png 

White grey black bed: oak2tvn.png 

Yellow messy bed:  4WSImN1.png


Electronics(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Property Alarm: BXwFVKM.png 

Property Alarm: Kv1uAsB.png 

Tall TV set: jdErrv3.png 

TV Set without Speakers: z82NKJD.png 

Wide White TV Set: 4EzfAAj.png 

Wide Wooden TV Set: MQDwv8X.png 

Widescreen TV Setup with table:  ZStK6ae.png


Appliances(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Air conditioner: DtnCNFW.png 

Brick grill: mhr7e84.png 

Cash register: eaSVn95.png 

Clothes dryer: WKrv6jd.png 

Coffee maker: zmWcVds.png 

Compact Cash register: 9jYNqkp.png 

Fridge 1: a5z53J8.png 
Fridge 2: hOTrSwH.png 

Fridge door: e4m4R0f.png 

Fridge door (l): FFrsjKT.png 

Fridge door(r): z1y4Wky.png 

Juicer: LO2h6OG.png 

Metal grill with propane: https://i.imgur.com/kv9Nreu.png

Microwave oven1: 8tBegOB.png 

Microwave oven2: ql9Y7YD.png  

Microwave oven3: pCgMhOH.png 
Modern cash register: W9nL1Rw.png 

Modern toaster: GZS63dR.png 

Open fridge w/ Content: v2SWroQ.png 

Sewing machine: g9xyY0X.png 

Small grill: xlHBYGd.png 

Smoking cash register: pCzMb3a.png 

Soda refridgerator: KCGlcKV.png 

Stove: A3oMyEI.png 

Stove 2: QpuykpX.png 

Striped ironing board: 9pzDQSl.png 

Toaster: KtgGrui.png 

Toaster with Newspaper: 9WxL1W5.png 

TV Dish 1: fpBdBM6.png 

TV Dish 2: W703gTN.png 

Vintage Microwave: jixEuas.png 

Washing machine: Qtwekkx.png 

Washing Machine: WaBD7vF.png 

Wooden grill with propane:  0I4C66d.png


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Tables(полный список)


Скрытый текст

Basic Medium Wood table: eNuPToD.png 

Brown wooden patio table: AfCc4zB.png 

Cafe table: T8QlCXF.png 

Circular glass table: fmaO3Wl.png 

Circular lightwood table: 8h2mFPB.png 

Circular table: YcBCwgz.png 

Circular wooden table: oazDN2c.png 

Dirty white table: Q3zZJBr.png 

Giant tree trunk 1: EP1UJAN.png 

Glass topped ornate dining table: jHUJygY.png 

Large wicker coffee table with glass: W3Aw5bP.png 

Large wicker table: 0LQG01n.png 

Light wicker circular table: pFIClHo.png 

Long wicker coffee table with glass: Euwvttd.png 

Long wicker table with glass: sWyXj9y.png 

Long wooden basic table: oasanmO.png 

Medium wood long table: mqBJeNj.png 

Medium wood longest table: 1YOcN13.png 

Wooden basic table: TtYlJ7N.png 

Wooden chateau table: r4XjDbP.png 

Wooden circular patio table: UGCMsE7.png 

Wooden essential table: NvLtsHt.png 


Side and Coffee Tables(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Circular side table: VjrWyCY.png 

Dark wood blue topped side table: rWdY40E.png 

Dark wood cream topped coffee table: 0rPGAiv.png 

Dark wood glass coffee table: zSw1aIr.png 

Driftwood dining table: nN3eZP1.png 

Driftwood runner table: UK5JYSy.png 

Fancy glass sidetable: H2vSmmc.png 

Light circular wicker coffee table: DXa3RwJ.png 

Light tiled runner table: QDYJXGd.png 

Lightwood coffee table: CzEwfed.png 

Marble side table: mmBhALI.png 

Metallic side table: yMQ2eyu.png 

Modern metal coffee table: Oj2HNpV.png 

Multiple square glass tables: xNXe7Hw.png 

Runner table: W4Z2nmy.png 

Short and long wicker table: OmjXqFp.png 

Side medium wood table: QFImFfS.png 

Silver side table: inkW1rS.png 

Small hardwood side table: Ec794cx.png 

Small wicker coffee table with glass: Z4UvHQC.png 

Square glass side table: iSOldeb.png 

Tiny wicker table: nhxhZGl.png 

White wooden coffee table:  yzoOOwv.png


Outdoor Tables(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Bean machine umbrella table: 5DXNK0Y.png 

Circular table with umbrella: fJAgFfa.png 

Outdoor table: E5AyjPf.png 

Outdoor granite table: V1NtzMX.png 

Plastic table with red yellow umbrella: pMItfyS.png 

Table with blue umbrella: g3FLm8e.png


Misc Tables(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Coffee table glass: WuG5TMf.png 

Coffee table with mess: f4XmNfb.png 

Coffee table with TV and mess: ZfZdqp7.png 

Hardwood table with items: aLgiBln.png 

Makeshift barrel table: HEk1i9m.png 

Metal picnic table: AFUhE0t.png 

Over bed table: AvDxomt.png 

Picnic table: YdjmxsC.png 

Ping pong table: ssBo63R.png 

Table astrology: thX41cW.png 

Table with bracelets for sale: SrXYymK.png 

Vallet stand: zuizKV0.png 

Wooden coffee table no glass:  oreWppU.png


Shelves(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Blue metal shelf unit: BNPsG3a.png 

Blue metal shelf unit 2: LDsLvCn.png 

Blue metal shelf unit 3: ANEw9sP.png 

Blue metal shelf unit 4: qVzfRJs.png 

Beige metal shelving unit: 7tX6rQm.png 

Dark wood stained sideboard: HwjHciZ.png 

Glass counter 1: OhQUyLV.png 

Glass counter 2: ZjCcArY.png 

Glass sideboard: AjZBh79.png 

Industrial metal shelves: ltgQUqu.png 

Light driftwood shelf: dxgZQJJ.png 

Long light driftwood shelf: SgyTNo0.png 

Massive warehouse shelves: OceOdyS.png 

Plywood shelf: g3GuqCl.png 

Tall grey double shelf: hAd8K90.png 

Tall grey shelf: FXykmwH.png 

Three tiered plywood shelf: C6Jh1BO.png 

White double shelf: bfC03WT.png 

White square shelf section: rAYxb66.png 

Yellow locker:  LLe25YW.png



Dresser(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Dark wood dresser: daB9bX2.png 

Dark wooden sideboard: T9y24Un.png 

Distraught wooden dressers: Tds83zd.png 

Grey sideboard: JsxMvNJ.png 

Light driftwood dresser: 1XfRXYV.png 

Sideboard light wooden: NT7Y0CY.png 

Wooden cupboard: skwQWDa.png 

Wooden dresser: sq4IfKh.png 

Wooden small dresser:  Tds83zd.png


Safes and Lockers(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Fancy Personal Safe: CrPs5nF.png 

Green safe: OD56llR.png 

Grey locker door: lSyMS6u.png 

Metal locker: baVlXmi.png 

Padlock: qP8JRaW.png 

Safe: secure locker unit: Mq7Tmzu.png 

Secure locker unit 2: H3Fchzn.png 

Vintage safe:  RXwoZ7i.png


Cabinets(полный список)

Скрытый текст

FBI Filing cabinet: Vhbh6q3.png 

Glass counter 1: OhQUyLV.png 

Glass counter 2: ZjCcArY.png 

Grey industrial counters: T0EAMDj.png 

Grey industrial desk counter: Ae26PPq.png 

Grey industrial sink counter: lEGnmG7.png 

Grey sink pipes counter: ZhYnvRK.png 

Industrial cabinets: 8ZLQE4L.png 

Key cabinet: D8RK4bV.png 

Large rolling tool cabinet: Z7mrTro.png 

Medicine cabinet: fdM68rX.png 

Medicine cabinet 2: vL4fv42.png 

Misc cabinets: 88PqFJM.png 

Plywood cabinet: cS0GQPP.png 

Rolling tool cabinet 1: CjLxhtL.png 

Rolling tool cabinet 2: WUURCLL.png 

Wall cabinets 1: V1uSdhw.png 

Wall cabinets 2: NaXBUbe.png 

Wooden cabinets with jewelry: KaeBCV7.png 

Wooden display cabinets array: 5DTOKwo.png 

Wooden single cabinet:  L7GiIGx.png


Misc. Personal Storage(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Bankers box: qMVcKCZ.png 

Bankers box 2: pVlIP5d.png 

Black safe vault body: kcwScCX.png 

Black safe vault door: uy19mza.png 

Blue industrial shelves double: A9Dy8Xf.png 

Blue industrial shelves short: iAPTQSd.png 

Blue industrial shelves tall: o35wjSn.png 

Blue plastic crates: 6LNnz97.png 

Blue plastic storage bin: 6g3LW5W.png 

Blue plastic tub: hLKthxX.png 

Cardboard box: l5qlj2t.png 

Cardboard box 2: zG2nGhL.png 

Cardboard box 3: KTCwcmQ.png 

Cardboard box 4: QNd4VtV.png 

Cardboard box 5: Hn6lnZN.png 

Closed black wicker box: nZ2ai0R.png 

Double lowered wooden crates: PUJo0nK.png 

Double wooden crates: zgO0YSV.png 

Four plastic storage bins: bJfH5SI.png 

Four tiered metal filing cabinet: Udv2Y2d.png 

Gang safe: 3PvGEjV.png 

Green plastic milk case: DFDnIRE.png 

Green safe: JWlBCI5.png 

Grey locker: y7s2ySR.png 

Grey locker door: VY8H2e8.png 

Grey plastic tote: 9bqPlyU.png 

Large poster tube: 5A5H5kC.png 

Laundry bin with wheels: 0XwVuC8.png 

Laundry bin with wheels full: RqlHyuH.png 

Many blue plastic tubs: CqWQnJu.png 

Merryweather security crate: ImMxZkh.png 

Open black wicker box: diVODBz.png 

Plastic storage bin: QovSSZ6.png 

Red plastic milk case: t7Wqgrd.png 

Small plastic storage bin: 9fa4YJA.png 

Small poster tube: uWYd6mb.png 

Storage locker with clothes: 2DheZD7.png 

Supplies crates: keCj0FN.png 

Vertical wooden crate: bSTVBoA.png 

White plastic tub: PT6OKEq.png 

Wicker trunk: 0VKDkN5.png 

Wooden crate: gCabqVL.png 

Wooden crate 2: rKSBdKz.png 

Wooden fruit crates empty: wRTPvY4.png 

Wooden glass display case: nGse87S.png 

Wooden shipping box: 3DHFu0K.png 

Yellow plastic milk case:  tnSNotM.png


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Plumbing(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Covered Hot tub: nM8LkeS.png 

Dirty white toilet: LuRZmWz.png 

Faucet: Uin0FM5.png 

Medical sink biowaste disposal: CattLwL.png 

White toilet:  X8HsCsk.png


Umbrella and Canopies(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Bean machine patio umbrella: U9ueMrw.png 

Blue umbrella: bEprB8N.png 

Closed summer umbrella: CytWZpf.png 

Cola umbrella: IlMWRUx.png 

Economy beach canopy: ewugy6H.png 

Exqusite beach canopy: zIYVHgo.png 

Extra large umbrella: VQKn11Z.png 

Gray umbrella: W7ld7pB.png 

Large closed umbrella: l0hOq5W.png 

Large green patio umbrella: HHJl122.png 

Large patio umbrella: yrqaAYy.png 

Large star patio umbrella: DVOb58j.png 

Large umbrella 1: KMgmm9g.png 

Large umbrella 2: H2Wktby.png 

Large white canope: 9JtH08l.png 

Medium green patio umbrella: Alksd9X.png 

Medium purple patio umbrella: kBmSYmk.png 

Medium yellow pisswasser umbrella: oX8z2Uh.png 

Parasol: dgtk7A9.png 

Parasol 2: ubG2LAL.png 

Parasol 3: hHYFPP2.png 

Parasol 4: AkJOlOs.png 

Parasol 5: WLqDkjo.png 

Parasol 6: TWqiyq9.png 

Parasol 7: 6QYgLYs.png 

Parasol 8: 0LIiGKv.png 

Parasol 9: a33fRr9.png 

Parasol 10: LwWzaHh.png 

Pink Blue Umbrella: wJ3bt2F.png 

Red blue yellow umbrella: Z37DfzA.png 

Small red/yellow umbrella 01: xpH1F9a.png 

Small red/yellow umbrella 02: xpH1F9a.png 

Sprunk umbrella 01: pQzOvxf.png 

Sprunk umbrella 02: pQzOvxf.png 

White blue green umbrella: d9Slgqj.png 

White small umbrella:  ZsxtpVM.png


Traffic cones and barriers(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Cement road barrier: JPCemAl.png 

Concrete barrier: uYiFoqm.png 

Concrete barrier 2: grN4Bzb.png 

Concrete barrier 3: 6daPvJt.png 

Cone with light: tSx1VMt.png  

Crash barrier: LCRSLHb.png 

Crash barrier 2: FXf59Ys.png 

Crash barrier water: FXf59Ys.png 

Crash barrier water 2: OiiV1pu.png 

Crash barrier water 3: c4bb7vQ.png 

Crash barrier water 4: 6XrPA1n.png 

Enhanced road barrier: kmzm4nA.png 

Foldable barrier: PdsGTgq.png 

Foldable barrier 2: aYSyp1C.png 

Foldable barrier 3: i0g2HqX.png 

Gigantic cone: 7A4hQsM.png 

Large black tire carrier: aXfrEs7.png 

Large concrete barrier: uYYhOd4.png 

Large tire barrier: q99XWey.png 

Large yellow tire barrier: CPOKymf.png 

Long black tire barrier: 3tZBwDb.png 

Long striped tire barrier: DRLIeg0.png 

Long yellow tire barrier: eVFxj05.png 

Medium striped tire barrier: cMrBU7W.png 

Orange and white road block: 6RXdN4F.png 

Orange fat traffic cone: Cvz9pJS.png 

Police barrier: K2DiPpM.png 

Railroad crossing barriers: QHu3vBG.png 

Red and white striped barrier: 8C8CnfO.png 

Red white police barrier: WIJO08i.png 

Regular road cone: Mfa8HzE.png 

Roadwork barrier: N3nzSD4.png 

Small concrete barrier: cDmjlWL.png 

Small striped tire barrier: VoCykS6.png 

Traffic cone 1: psrmtwA.png 

Traffic cone 2: Wk3C7dh.png 
Yellow industrial traffic 1: Y10ru0t.png 

Yellow industrial traffic 2: gaKeoq2.png 

Yellow industrial traffic 3:  qR6ikbx.png


Auto(полный список)

Скрытый текст

5 point tire: ERrjb1J.png 

Black car battery: YrTr7ju.png 

Black car seat: VfeUFfn.png 

Black oil can: 3FqwO7S.png 

Bumper car: RLY6wyG.png 

Can of fuel 1: kkpjdAT.png 

Can of fuel 2: 0x6hSxu.png 

Car battery: MjwY2Hr.png 

Car seat: 1RdoI0l.png 

Car with a tarp: n96LBO3.png 

Chop shop switch: s7ukEXu.png 

Chunked tire: DHUXkYW.png 

Covered cheetah: Kvm4Y6L.png 

Covered Vehicle 1: t9B3C5U.png 

Covered Vehicle 2: NOObkeD.png 

Covered Vehicle 3: 0xOp0iW.png 

Covered Vehicle 4: n3gJ2yt.png 

Covered Vehicle 5: nMo5rrt.png 

Covered Vehicle 6: UBDVFKL.png 

Covered Vehicle 7: lhHVyld.png 

Disenigrated tired: 0RgmuZN.png 

Engine hoist: 0e6k0I2.png 

Extra large tire: IE2qZBu.png 

Fat tire: Ot8dAVm.png 

Full tire rim: tQFJV8c.png 

Garage board (high detail): szdh4XO.png 
Garage board (low detail): TDAPZaA.png 

Garage board (medium detail): XuuFMtc.png 

Gasoline Storage: dEb95BB.png 

Hexagone Tire: Y0BVFey.png 

Jar of Terroil: GmOmdAj.png 

Large flat tire: gBpp4Bk.png 

Large spare tire: 4QzI6SY.png 

Large tire container 1: t0ESyr8.png 

Large tire container 2: a4sNhWG.png 

Oil jug 1: wnzG5r1.png 

Piles of tires 1: gJdBb7X.png 

Piles of tires 2: GVF8BXG.png 

Plain tire: HDCOp8w.png 

Red and white tires: aBmJYw4.png 

Ribbed tire: U8mAMGz.png 

Ron oil canister: Bu86QAF.png 

Small tire: CObusU5.png 

Small tire 2: esaOCK6.png 

Small yellow tire container: 0s8Gz1W.png 

Star tire: WghhjrT.png 

Tire hub: FX9ugyc.png 

Tire rim 1: pHRmCnS.png 

Tire rim 2: UBBdltg.png 

Tire rim 3: pbfdlS9.png 

Tire rim 4: eCwe11V.png 

Vintage sprunk tire: mk10z8O.png 

White car battery: FaC5JM2.png 

Yellow train boxcar:  YO2gZEm.png


Construction(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Architect Plan: F68zURX.png 

Blue print: wrilYKK.png 

Blue print 1: wrilYKK.png 

Blueprint: wrilYKK.png 

Blueprints 1: a74Ekux.png 

Board: h2cszSA.png 

Brick: oOUYh9m.png 

Broken concrete block: txAmPoF.png 

Bucket of paint 1: CbfebN6.png 

Bucket of paint 2: 5PathhM.png 

Bucket of paint 3: bbQ3oqA.png 

Bucket of paint 4: blrathO.png 

Bucket of paint 5: BK1KV4c.png 

Bundled rope: oeie0il.png 

Cement Bags: tnpkA4Q.png 

Cement Bags 2: OyeQtzs.png 

Cloth tarp: HnXZgW6.png 

Concrete block: 1H6vqnK.png 

Concrete cylinder: AYbWJVB.png 

Crane pulley: 6C0ECRo.png 

Damaged concrete block: YucB8dD.png 

Deck stain bucket: BBsEC8P.png 

Double fence: zRBc03O.png 

Half brick: HHLCnLr.png 

Half fence: GUrDmSZ.png 

Hanging tarp: RF0bhXq.png 

Open bucket of red paint: zy4rTLs.png 

Paint bucket: uVuPdgx.png 

Paint bucket 2: ZWFERtm.png 

Paint cans on a pallet: Ta8XUZL.png 

Plywood construction board: ubNTYJH.png  

Red bucket: E4Bea1F.png 

Rolls of construction paper: OvNIo7K.png 

Rope: eJhkyGL.png 

Rusty crane bucket: 4XjXo7L.png 

Scaffolding: HKb20zA.png 

Single fence: 4sl5TL8.png 

Water only tub: 71VoDXL.png 

White pillars: ufZcn75.png


Traffic Signs(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Bowling Traffic sign: 1bpARyT.png 

Buckle up traffic sign: c40GTAA.png 

Bus stop sign: 2PjrQHE.png 

Caution drive slow panel: RJ9hipI.png 

Caution traffic sign: ZkrehrV.png 

Dangerous cliff traffic sign: EADkjzQ.png 

Dangerous turn traffic sign: 5EraTOU.png 

Do not cross police barrier: p2bRFoI.png 

Exclamation panel: lC7jWkE.png 

Forward panel: 4odgBNa.png 

Geen highway signs 1: xJBtden.png 

Geen highway signs 2: 1zwdTDZ.png 

Green exit sign: bm3xzmz.png 

Left panel: 0szJBtH.png 

Left turn panel: GDfgY6L.png 

Loop traffic sign:  yMddbcu.png 

Merge left panel: BDIs4qj.png 

Merge right traffic sign: fex71US.png 

No crossing traffic sign: srx9R6V.png 

Orange white barrier: B9kKYsg.png 

Right panel: tmuWyvB.png 

Right turn panel: jcslex7.png 

Road work ahead barrier and sign: suFCjX6.png 

Road work ahead barrier and sign: X8qHQ2S.png 

U Turn Panel 1: YolJjSg.png 

U turn panel 2: OcelFMD.png 

Uneven pavement sign: PndVK4a.png 

Yellow cliff traffic sign: 3AUEiUy.png 

Yellow hill traffic sign: gH9TlH9.png 

Yellow left turn traffic sign: EjGXygm.png 

Yellow mountains traffic sign: DRDeA8g.png 

Yellow right turn traffic sign: DRDeA8g.png 

Yellow uturn left traffic sign: R6wntWu.png 

Yellow uturn right traffic sign:  OcOCY5L.png


Buildings and Structure(полный список)

Скрытый текст

3 separated metal panels: HtPcfMW.png  

Bus stop: 2mK8XHj.png 

Bus stop 2: 5D2IdqT.png 

Bus stop 3: opBbaga.png 

Concrete cylinder: PHeXHmf.png 

Large electric building: QCqSDyq.png 

Large trailer: ISG0WMZ.png  

Large wooden ramp 1: OHkGxK5.png 

Large wooden ramp 2: 7iroRM5.png 

Large wooden ramp 3: cOflQJu.png 

Metal panel: BbstbEq.png 

Parking attendant booth: ZgQOTib.png 

Parking attendant booth 2: OQbo1Wh.png 

Phone booth: DZc2TlI.png 

Security cabin: YrPXe0h.png 

Small rackety wooden ramp: Id5HEli.png 

White and orange building: 6O9qLvr.png 

Wide metal panel: AgBdPYH.png 


Industrial(полный список)

Скрытый текст
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3 rusty barrels: hcfoou3.png 

Black oil barrel: 1gIKJbJ.png  

Blue and white barrel: DYsR022.png 

Blue pastic barrel: 6Ndz86P.png 

Can of fertilizer: ahZO6db.png 

Closed plastic bucket: TVJTuF0.png 

Concrete blocks: NCvDuSs.png 

Concrete blocks 2: I33vm5L.png 

Concrete blocks 3: 3tjtbUF.png 

Container: q4Nf3bW.png 

Gas tanks: YzvHyJT.png 

Gas trailer: D9Th97d.png 

Generator car cart: 0IAJwJ3.png 

Industrial hook on a line: xUgzxhL.png 

Large compressor trailer: COa0VJN.png 

Large hook: beounJ2.png 

Large magnet: VlaoOIk.png 

Metal keg: bme6gNV.png 

Open black and red barrel: OpI0fK7.png 

Open yellow metal barrel: J7YPLR6.png 

Radioactive waste barrel: Jv50Mos.png 

Rail controller: Z0rOE8Y.png 

Rusty old barrel: 0fqANbm.png 

Shiny windmill: 1U7PdBn.png 

Shiny windmill: KdZaQo7.png 

Small cylinder container: ULeK4V2.png 

Striped metal barell: vUemWVe.png 

Weed sprayer backpack: XOeVlXU.png 

White shipping container with hole: jArDUjd.png 

White storage trailer: 7dpnyQO.png 

Yellow oil barrel: ISJaAs9.png 

Yellow petrol trailer:  cE17HIG.png


Business and Store Related(полный список)

Скрытый текст

24/7 Food display 1: A0o78ME.png 

24/7 Food display 2: KC2eFvT.png 

24/7 Food display 3: 2qfVPZD.png 

247 grocery bag: oloCoJY.png 

Astrology stand: XP77lSt.png 

Battery displays: ZkFKvAs.png 

Blue dress mannequin: vgw3ZP5.png 

Business card: kudZEaB.png 

Chicken noodles tray: wkWd3dy.png 

Cigarette display: Bwu8PYF.png 

Clothes donation box: 0tZBnHD.png 

Clothes rail: cq8LXqS.png 

Cocktail menu: t374Knh.png 

Commercial ice freezer: PDv5xlf.png 

Coolbox: EMraMXb.png 

Ecola can tray: vwRKUU6.png 

Fancy watch display case: 4JNA9Rf.png 

Feed sack: CI97WLj.png 

Female mannequin: d1ZojVm.png 

Ice locker: bUIszAl.png  

Old school cash register: fFXxdU5.png 

Orange dress mannequin: vhth5pZ.png 

Orange t shirt pile: Ly81dTX.png 

Paint can: JR1Rb1q.png 

Paint can 2: MbC5AFM.png 

Pallet jewelry crates: Rqhb9YE.png 

Pamphlet: 0VmoZ4m.png 

Pink dress mannequin: pBKuwuh.png 

Postcard store rack: Wu9XFfU.png 

Red shopping cart: tUXIGIT.png 

Seafood noodles tray: WUYaS9J.png 

Shopping cart: Y054Z20.png 

Silver shopping cart: 6WW3Lo6.png 

Store shelf 1: aIP2rQ7.png 

Store shelf 2: s25idoC.png 

Store shelf 4: CJRv7qt.png 

Sunglasses display case: Jy4OBCs.png 

Tattoo gun: 20Bl1TH.png 

Tcup saucer ride: 4Y6dPNo.png 

Teeshirt shelf: 8lDahqS.png 

Till with touch screen: QGj5ZNH.png 

Tiny ice box: 6d31Ocr.png 

Tomato can tray: n2FgXxU.png 

Tomato soup tray: cTQq1ey.png 

Tourist map: x5MtQfY.png 

Tuna can tray: w9Ju5eW.png 

Vegetable can tray: NK8vmD3.png 

Wristband stand: ErQo5d6.png 

Yellow dress mannequin:  Qklrq29.png


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Pallets shipping boxes and storage(полный список)

Скрытый текст

247 cardboard carton: cFthMOc.png 

3 cardboard boxes: pnsMADE.png 

4 arranged storage trunks: dScP0A0.png 

4 storage trunks: kxD8Lb9.png 
5 vintage wooden crates: 0RPrVXf.png 

Air cargo 1: 6F6UFhk.png 

Air cargo 2: EHjA41h.png 

Air cargo 3: MNBccfB.png 

Air cargo 4: Ex7914p.png 

Air cargo 5: ZRUEN2a.png 

Asian cardboard boxes: eXhnsaf.png 

Asian cardboard pallet 1: L0i0Re1.png 

Asian cardboard pallet 2: wpdckbv.png 

Asian cardboard pallet 3: sQghgFj.png 

Asian cardboard pallet 4: PTiqtoo.png  

Beatup cardboard box: PHpnptx.png 

BK Shipping box: AedO8Tv.png 

Bundled compressed cardboard boxes: 8UuAWG8.png 

Cardboard Box: fFNxFV7.png 

Cardboard Box 1: olRoXxv.png 

Cardboard Box 2:  Jwuwqt5.png 

Cardboard Box 3: Muqhw2c.png 

Cardboard Box 4: CgLiyVv.png  

Cardboard Box 5: Sp9MKFl.png 

Cardboard Box 6: LejpFIO.png 

Cardboard Box 7: RIuIYMJ.png 

Cardboard Box 8: K7Mx0Sq.png 

Cardboard Box 9:  uen3MW3.png 

Cardboard Box Mess: nwRlRBX.png 

Cardbox: rp9oNOE.png 

Cardbox 1: oNLmZqs.png 

Cardbox 2: I8j88Ge.png 

Cardbox 3: sB3nKph.png 

Cargo container: zWihnfF.png 

Closed cardbox: dr8YAff.png 

Container: 60AQP6c.png 

Container 2: 9Gv21BT.png 

Container 3: PkcdNP6.png 

Degraded stack of pallets: H4I8TEC.png 

Empty fruit carton 1: hbzqvy7.png 

Empty fruit carton 2: SYc1713.png 

Explosive crate 1: 3LJMYM8.png 

Explosive crate 2: NqiaWgU.png 

Filing cardboard box: w3MnAJt.png 

Fragile box: A6FCUxo.png 

Fragile pallet 1: fnnMrw5.png 

Fragile pallet 2: SGIbG7Y.png 

Fragile pallet 3: miVzIjN.png 

Fragile pallet 4: fIXYrcg.png 

Fragile pallet 5: FFdEL1l.png 

Gas bogey cart: wbO6ail.png 

Giant package pallet: J9JO0Ok.png 

Green plastic crate: cSeVVA4.png 

Industrial storage bin: rfvlFNR.png 

Kakagawa boxes pallet: 61G8004.png 

Liberty boxes 1: wNYnP6c.png 

Long industrial storage bin: jzRXcqU.png 

Long industrial storage bin x4: 0nZWIKW.png 

Long industrial storage bin x5: OzCVaMW.png 

Medium wooden box: UsZFyvi.png 

Merryweather security box: PSwwMW1.png 

Metal carrier with several boxes 1: A6dZNPb.png 

Metal carrier with several boxes 2: BDzJaPK.png 

Military Crate 01: uw9wp9J.png 

Military crate 02: EhE9Eq6.png 

Military crate on pallet: VkZVzTN.png 

Military wooden box 1: 0k6fYuD.png 

Military wooden box 2: bOsV0xW.png 

Netted boxes: u3nJ9K5.png 

Oil barrel: GW5MDdU.png 

Oil barrel 2: Kz3z8Ch.png 

Oil barrel 3: 45ngJ3f.png 

Open crate: RV2IwtN.png 

Open crate 2: RURc04W.png 

Open crate 3: jMGHejM.png 

Open crate 4: UanzYvK.png 

Open crate pile: qfVPM9M.png 

Outdoor watertank: 2ALjqJ7.png 

Palette: fXDGuMJ.png 

Pallet 1: O4We2KU.png 

Pallet 2: jkkcpo4.png 

Pallet 3: eOCXnYp.png 

Pallet of 12 boxes: vcKdY65.png 

Pallet of 18 boxes: lxRE7NL.png 

Pallet of boxes: rxI0KZe.png 

Pallet of boxes 10: FzRxDh7.png 

Pallet of boxes 2: XFISaNk.png 

Pallet of boxes 3: aEa04RM.png 

Pallet of boxes 4: RGv6Nq2.png 

Pallet of boxes 5: b0AH8Bf.png 

Pallet of boxes 6: FwHWHJ7.png 

Pallet of boxes 7: Uh7nyCb.png 

Pallet of boxes 8: uAJs2Gj.png  

Pallet of boxes 9: 47voeuN.png 

Pallet of boxes and barrels: kSJQaoa.png 

Pile of barrels 2: wYSNCJz.png 

Pile of barrels 3: ZFEDQjf.png 

Pile of barrels 4: Xc4EKZu.png 

Pile of boxes: VgSYtkD.png 

Pile of fragile boxes: yIhq64c.png 

Plastic box: FkIxK4j.png 

Plastic box lid: uZX1SFD.png 

Plastic crate pile: 76jXAkr.png 

Plastic crate pile 2: S7nIWcV.png 

Red plastic crate: KOaFy91.png 

Redwood shipping box: i6IttGU.png 

Rough cardboard box: h9wTuFG.png 

Several 247 empty boxes: TV1CrMC.png 

Several sealed crates: BUhGK3Q.png 

Several sealed crates 2: d4isXvQ.png 

Shipping boxes crate: fAFlLZQ.png 

Sideways stack of pallets: nbXJwTr.png 

Slightly open cardboard box 1: toChOJh.png 

Small cardboard box 2: GGyPbdu.png 

Small cash pallet: bBXMg8b.png 

Small green box: ZIyJ1Rf.png 

Small pallet: OZnFWsp.png 

Small sealed crate 1: rDcxYup.png 

Small sealed crate 2: W88CUQS.png 

Small wooden crate: rhqqsZF.png 

Stack of pallets: 1vqXLLe.png 

Stacked plastic box: fgA51HL.png 

Storage trunk x4: qjmdWHK.png 

Supplies crate 1: yh8l5j3.png 

Thermite container: g1qycO5.png 

Thermite container on: umRFn53.png 
Thin wooden crate: K8MXMm7.png 

Wooden crate: ELOVeAV.png 

Wooden crate 3: uxrGYho.png 

Wooden fruit crate 1: xbO4bZb.png 

Wooden shipping crate: 4CSYP4F.png 

Wooden shipping crate 1: VAlJFPI.png 

Wooden shipping crate 2: VTQvy2y.png 

Wooden vintage crate: GvBwYFi.png 

Yellow plastic crate: uaCAgEY.png 


Effects(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Blood spat 01: aodqYr6.png 

Blood splatters: 8XKrvSO.png 

Bloody body part mess: 23Z36py.png 

Bloody body parts: 23Z36py.png 

Dust: SOXfLhW.jpg 

Oil spill: EP9Woth.png 

Screestatic: mJHkH3Q.gif 

Suds in sink:  8SxloEW.png


trash cans(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Bagged open metal trashcan: 8rC4pBb.png 

Black trashbin outdoor: TF4VH7J.png 

Blue large recycling receptacle: VSLqU8y.png 

Blue paper recycle box: https://i.imgur.com/wF6HuaR.png  

Blue trashbin outdoor: WkiwNng.png 

Cans only recycling bin: Cdv9FI2.png 

Closed metal trashbin: nABP3TT.png 

Dumpster: ol4JU8p.png 

Dumpster 2: 0Ov1cP9.png 

Dumpster 3: 0tIrOzi.png 

Green paper recycle box: 9vLaiqj.png 

Grey industrial trash can: ltbbHbn.png 

Half open metal trash can: 5JdvKdM.png 

Halfopen metal trashbin: 5JdvKdM.png  

Industrial recycling bin1: 5Sc5uAB.png 

Metal open trash can: aZv8UFt.png 

Metal trash can: oDqnhJq.png 

Metal trash can with litter: TF4VH7J.png 

Metal trashbin full: DQcPCcA.png 

Open metal trashbin: IEdRuoW.png 

Open rolling garbage bin: Id35yra.png 

Open trashbin outdoor: ltbbHbn.png 

Paper only recycling bin 1: 4eKdQ5h.png 

Paper only recycling bin 2: LelBWGN.png 

Plastic only recycling bin: V5rRLsL.png 

Public metal trash bin: y3AJjrn.png 

Public trash can: AoUCwvq.png 

Recycling bin: BPexPqx.png 

Rolling garbage gans: Id35yra.png 

Rolling trash can: Id35yra.png 

Rusty trash can with litter: YFMwwI4.png 

Stinky metal trash can: XKfEvZW.png 

Stinky recycling bin: VSAmV6n.png 

Stinky rolling garbage bin: Id35yra.png 

Trash container closed: Id35yra.png 

Trash container open: EU1WPsL.png 

Trashbin beach: 3p3lsrr.png 

Trashbin outdoor: DPBXzPK.png 

Trashbin with garbage bag:  eXtoVK1.png


Trash and Litter(полный список)

Скрытый текст

24 7 Garbage bag: S8MPdTn.png  

24-7 filled binbag: S8MPdTn.png 

Black filled binbag: 5UIwsk8.png 

Bottles litter and rubbish: QWcSfzP.png 

Broken computer monitor: MphYAo8.png 

Broken plywood 1: UnWPoSv.png 

Broken plywood 2: 1kLFflP.png 

Broken washing machine: PgIlBVq.png 

Crunched cola can: Fn1EOm2.png 

Crunched sprunk can: A6z1qtY.png 

Crushed burgershot cup: WUPt1tr.png 

Degraded soda can: S0bt1n5.png 

Degraded sprunk can: NclZRqn.png 

Dirty matress 1: lMZrS30.png 

Dirty matress 2: uxL5q0u.png 

Dirty matress 3: inFGLIB.png 

Dirty matress 4: cLPmLGV.png 

Empty orange tang botte: Q2Aeg9K.png 

Filled trash bag: OYVV8Oo.png 

Flattened cola can: gw7hlX9.png 

Full trash bag 1: GkZF5Nw.png 

Full trash bag 2: 7APXaID.png 

Full trash bag 3: 7MsLHOA.png 

Garbage bag: 0l2NDjJ.png 

Garbage bag 2: ozwmni8.png 

Random debris: npyZitK.png 

Squished cola can: f8wFfDk.png 

Squished orange tang bottle: tDtelgI.png 

Squished sprunk bottle: sRgk5oO.png 

Squished sprunk can: QCW3o8W.png 

Upnatom crushed cup: 4MQb9bS.png 

Wrapped netted paper bag:  PWdqtny.png


Public Utility(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Blue Public Telescope: Vpl6F5J.png 

Large bridge: 7OcgJeY.jpg 

Large ladder: 7OcgJeY.jpg 

Medium bridge: 7OcgJeY.jpg 

Medium ladder: 7OcgJeY.jpg 

Old school gas pump: ywn1Wo2.png 

Parking meter: A4dXqtD.png 

Porta potty: jpNO7oi.png 

Public pay binoculars: VWDU4DB.png 

Small bridge: PBUDHFT.png 

Small ladder:  PBUDHFT.png


Machinery(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Beef machinery: 78naiCH.png 

Double airconditioning unit: LCzIzuH.jpg 

Farm machinery: XiuNO1p.png 

Gasoline trailer: Txt7HuP.png 

Hanging airconditioning unit: emIhvrR.png 

Heavy equipment 1: mJYwm2r.png 

Large machinery 1: SKg6Hqy.png 

Large machinery 2: wnfpsgh.png 

Large machinery 3: c8YkK6q.png 

Medium airconditioning unit: hWKmweI.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 10: 1ZZwC5B.png

Medium airconditioning unit 11: eAtxX7W.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 2: Cneava6.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 3: sXJGJd2.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 4: gCpEGSX.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 5: fn3hKGY.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 6: QfpuE7E.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 7: PBNMkrC.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 8: O1L6py5.png 

Medium airconditioning unit 9: HeeJOt5.png 

Old farm equipment: gvmavgs.png 

Trowel:  a6nXDlj.png 


Mail Related(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Apartment mailbox: nC06iST.png 

Public mail box: AAKyNw7.png 

Vintage mail slot:  ZL8UIzl.png 


Restaurant Related(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Alcohol decorations: EKzKphX.png 

Brochure display: XS6TwoH.png 

Burger box: s6yyffJ.png 

Burvger shot bag: PSG3qos.png 

Brugershot foodbag: 5rAzODo.png 

Burgershot foodwrap: DXnqejG.png 

Burgershot fries: 7lG8Nxb.png 

Brugershot meal tray 1: NCWAISj.png 

Burgershot meal tray 2: PHiBD2q.png 

Burgershot paper cup: gKcw4iL.png 

Burgershot paperbag 1: 5rAzODo.png 

Burgershot paperbug 2: 4ddguvx.png 

Burgershot regular cup 1: 3QjICnt.png 

Burgershot regular cup 2: Kb6FD33.png 

Champagne decorations: UjlYcpx.png 

Cluckin bell chicken bucket: oM6heUO.png 

Cluckin bell burgerbox: 0VqFakh.png 

Cluckin bell cardboard box 1: LW0xHEN.png 

Cluckin bell cardboard box 2: 7XssPLB.png 

Cluckin bell fries: I12JbGF.png 

Cluckin bell meal tray 1: nCRZNKR.png 

Cluckin bell meal tray 2: WHhixXj.png

Cluckin bell paperbag 1: 0n7gKIK.png 

Cluckin bell paperbag 2: UKQNyQ3.png 

Cluckin bell reguar cup 1: jYfuz7A.pngjYfuz7A.png

Cluckin bell reguar cup 2: RTm6yKd.png 

Cluckin bell stack of cups 1: qK1wxby.png 

Cluckin bell stack of cups 2: YDlB7Lm.png 

Cluckin bell tray: aH0PcuO.png 

Cocktail decorations: GygrPjB.png 

Cocktail menu: tGOYBm0.png 

Cocktail pamplet: 8U6h2se.png 

Doggie bag 1: Dlmzv69.png 

Doggie bag 2: AMRZ7M5.png 

Food trolley: m0NW42d.png 

Fries 1: e8fwNzW.png 

Ice bucket: qDFeNwp.png 

Napkin dispenser: EmMq7cZ.png 

Paper cola cups: R3v2JhD.png 

Paper cup: Adfrql1.png 

Resturant table accessories: 0HuOuBJ.png 

Row liquor bottles local: dV8fVf2.png 

Row liquor bottles world: jYyaGFm.png 

Sandwich meal tray: 32veu47.png 

Smoothie mixers: tAsQxKE.png 

Stack of burgershot cups: KWS7Uw5.png 

Stack of burgershot cups 2: 9m9CBQn.png 

Stack of cluckin bell cups: zpBdAOe.png 

Stack of paper cups: 2bEubXV.png 

Standing menu: DKHCdbq.png 


Vending Machines(полный список)

Скрытый текст

 tiered gumball machine: beynlkf.png 

Atm machine: h4PFpez.png 

Blue wall atm: idpNfnb.png 

Candybox vending machine: JpH2cbx.png 

Cigarette dispenser tube stand: HMovll9.png 

Cigarette vending machine: GaUmhVY.png 

Coffee vending machine: VL5UubQ.png 

Condom vending machine: ITFQig8.png 

Double tiered gumball machine: nM63BVG.png 

Food vending machine: MmTSuz6.png 

Green wall atm: ColSYdu.png 

News vending machine 1: qTwLL9s.png 

News vending machine 2: 2EuGfmz.png 

News vending machine 3: 6HqTZ7v.png 

News vending machine 4: tz4vw9K.png 

News vending machine 5: O97HO3t.png 

News vending machine 6: Aiav3iu.png 

News vending machine 7: W3PIK1Z.png 

News vending machine 8: bL8kw5H.png 

News vending machine 9: qgtoAYv.png 

News vending machine 10: e5Szk5s.png 

Newspaper vending machine: p1KdftT.png 

Newspaper vending machine: E5dtEqM.png 

Newspaper vending machine 2: E5dtEqM.png 

Newspaper vending machine open: E5dtEqM.png 

Red wall ATM: IUErAuR.png 

Soda Vending machine: IUErAuR.png 

Sprunk vending machine: yjdADU0.png 

Tall gumball machine: vuuECxa.png 

Train ticket machine 1: vbuCBH9.png 

Train ticket machine 2: vbuCBH9.png 

Watercooler bottle: olrIzpt.png 


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Stairs and Ladders(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Closed metal ladder: QKqW3FG.png 

Large staircase 1: D5rPiIg.png 

Metal step ladder 1: mCxQgTD.png 

Metal step ladder 2: HI85yKx.png 

Small wooden staircase: fV6FPpX.png 

Step ladder apparatus: GB36Oc8.png 

Yellow steps on wheels:  qnCfwvn.png


Doors(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Armored Door 02: CCKNCxo.png 

Balcony door frame 1: BXfGL1n.png 

Basic wooden door: j05ng7h.png 

Bathroom door w/ black window: XJLCOu2.png 

Bathroom door wc: DRgV7SP.png 

Beaten white door: FJYPlm5.png 

Beaten worn wood door: UNSmUcn.png 

Black and white modern door left: keObJfw.png 

Black and white modern door right: keObJfw.png 

Black door w/ white panel: zZCgpEH.png 

Black door with diamond window: eT4S0cD.png 

Black door with window: TaMwZQ0.png 

Black glass blurred door: B3tVqOB.png 

Black gray door 1: 49ilxGH.png  

Black manor door: qryIWcm.png 

Black regel door: dGeHl4n.png 

Black restricted access door: nayCjF5.png 

Black ribbed door: ACiQKDh.png  

Blue 6 apartment door: bZ8VMAQ.png 

Blue and white door: e8Qr1IX.png 

Blue horizon door 1: ao7JAtj.png 

Blue horizon door 2: ozrBe5N.png 

Blue metal classroom door 1: ktSV6yA.png 

Blue metal classroom door 2: o2GhIzz.png 

Blue rusted junk door: 7SlRD6p.png 

Brown door with glass window: LwAS6hs.png 

Brown window door: NQcAQ1b.png 

Busted wooden door: ZsZqewX.png 

Chestnut wooden panel door: 2F8tbJx.png 

City scene reflection door 1: n19hwPS.png 

Clean green front door: DuFVxRh.png 

Clear glass door 1: 5Lbdxc7.png 

Clear glass door 2: 5Lbdxc7.png 

Cream colored door: vZ69YHL.png 

Cream door w/ white panel: WD8tce3.png 

Dark brown wooden door: 8huwRdC.png 

Dark brown wooden door 2: YqahY1e.png 

Dark metal fancy door: WqFFUYn.png 

Dirty blue door: LiuOMYH.png 

Dirty blue door 2: 97x7zgC.png 

Dirty door: 4wIixtJ.png 

Dirty start only door: 0cHxZ8n.png 

Dirty stinky white door 1: rY2JVcL.png 

Dirty stinky white door 2: rY2JVcL.png 

Dirty teal door: Ibdsa1d.png 

Dirty white door: Op4Mh9E.png 

Dirty white rectangle door: LtecvD4.png 

Dirty white sarsony door: 3lNEe5m.png 

Dirty white tiled door: x1r0Cxw.png 

Door 7: Gai8Z0f.png 

Door vitree 9: dS9qAwf.png 

Door with bars: 9SbfJuO.png 

Double stained glass door: z6YwB8W.png 

Double windowed backdoor: TCBOino.png 

Fancy metal gated door: h5K3dmf.png 

Fancy padded door: QLxyaFZ.png 

Fancy white front door: sGO0rwi.png 

Fancy wooden bedroom door: f1atbBs.png 

Fancy wooden door: f1atbBs.png 

Fancy wooden front door: MVxBpUh.png 

Frosted glass door: KNATk87.png 

Generic clean white door: 56amd94.png 

Generic clean wood door: sBa73Mf.png 

Glass door 4: hUBpNiR.png 

Glass door 5: lbDlQgz.png 

Glass door metal bar left: LgcpywM.png 

Glass door metal bar right: LgcpywM.png 

Glass door with bar 2: zPrEFzZ.png 

Glass door with bar handle 1: zPrEFzZ.png 

Glass door with blinds 1: 2moSyDn.png 

Glass door with blinds 2: 2moSyDn.png 

Glass door with white bar: euHZlKz.png 

Glass door05: euHZlKz.png 

Gliding glass door: jwWrJlG.png 

Gold white black door: LRbBObk.png 

Gray door: bU00yfY.png 

Grey yellow striped glass door 1: nPAVyMV.png 

Grey yellow striped glass door 2: nPAVyMV.png 

Half glass door: 1uBQWiy.png

Hardwood door with netted glass: C9jVrwZ.png 

Hospital door: vYuzsJN.png 

Iron bar door: UQZfAI2.png 

Kids bedroom door: f3jtM4b.png 

Kids bedroom door 2: UuKOmAO.png 

Large glass piece: Q5Tyqrh.png 

Large sliding vault door: ELIYDjo.png 

Left balcony door 1: YH5srYK.png 

Left brown door: 3sAw4x2.png 

Left window door: E85tlpg.png 

Letter box door: 36aWQQk.png 

Luxurious wooden door: XVUFCtV.png 

Meth trail door: nTPH96U.png 

Minimalistic glass door left: aCEBf93.png 

Minimalistic glass door right: aCEBf93.png 

Modern design window white door 1: tXHvpOv.png 

Modern design window white door 2: tXHvpOv.png 

Modern glass door: E38DwiW.png 

Modern glass door: rFKPa8f.png 

Modern wooden door: jIYYm3o.png 

Modern wooden door 2: jIYYm3o.png 

Office door with blinds: SMjORiE.png 

Old wooden door: mJh7670.png 

Orange door 01: 5A8gIgH.png 

Orange door 02: ZIsJKTT.png 

Orange door solid: ZIsJKTT.png 

Orange door with side window: 5A8gIgH.png 

Orange heavy door: hHC4BEf.png 

Orange knocker door: P1wYszM.png 

Orange Knocker Door: P1wYszM.png 

Orange wooden door: 3itkKf0.png 

Ornate Chestnut door: wRMUUMQ.png 

Pale Wooden Panel Door: q1a7J0B.png 

Patterned Glass Door (l): gOhEHLj.png 

Patterned Glass Door (r): gOhEHLj.png 

Persel teal door: aB2tBNx.png 

Plain Dark Door: TiI2L6B.png 

Plain White Door: d0cRd5x.png 

Plain White Flat Door: qJwxiT1.png 

Quaint White Lacy Door: Q8YoeaR.png 

Red Heavy Door: Dju43FI.png 

Ridged White Door: XW2xcvT.png 

Right balcony door 1: GumBE4B.png 

Right Window Door: E85tlpg.png 

Rusted Heavy Door: RIryrBN.png 

Rusted Metal Garden Gate 1: j05cl9i.png 

Rusted Metal Glass Door 1: smGde6x.png  

Rusted Metal Glass Door 2: smGde6x.png 

Scratched Wood Door: YlumKhD.png 

Scrawny and blind doors: FyCTSiq.png 

Shiny glass door: IcL6KaU.png 

Skinny glass door left: Uk6Pyy8.png 

Skinny glass door right: Uk6Pyy8.png 

Slide Door: DjpJy3p.png 

Small White Door: ThV9Tnd.png 

Solid Dirty Door: I3vgm8d.png 

Solid White Door: KkLyGhM.png 

Solid White Front Door: 1UY6SkX.png 

Solid Wooden Door: aQVDt5O.png 

Solid Wooden Door 2: aQVDt5O.png 

Solid Wooden Front Door: 3yynqB0.png 

Stained Wood Door: E5vAaUb.png 

Tall white glass door: xiIV8hc.png 

Tall white glass door 2: jcwYDE8.png 

Teal door 1: lyPwAZi.png 

Teal door 2: lyPwAZi.png 

Teal door with window: LKrScHF.png 

Thin Stained Glass Door 1: cFiGyLS.png 

Thin Stained Glass Door 2: FTNGcdC.png 

Thin White Barred Door Left: tWHiBcF.png 

Thin White Barred Door Right: tWHiBcF.png 

Tiny gray metal door: prfftuK.png 

Transparent Slide door: uYckaol.png 

Trevor Trailer Door: ug2L8o3.png 

Venetian Screen Door: IkL8Vs7.png 

Veranda Door: OFfJYG0.png 

Wardrobe Door: FK9aYfv.png 

Wardrobe Slide Door: wZZhIpm.png 

Warped Fancy Metal Door: sikIfGn.png 

White and Black Wooden Door: WMssCil.png 

White Barred Door: jpNCdNZ.png 

White Blinds Door: b9PkFwR.png  

White Blue Window Door: 9fusJ3W.png 

White Cheateau Door Left: UJNQI33.png 

White Cheateau Door Right: UJNQI33.png  

White and Black Wooden Door: LTa6ie1.png 

White Industrial Glass Window Door: W2fQCEa.png 

White Panneled Door: XGHREJG.png 

White Plastic Door: sMDRpyV.png 

White triple brown glass: igy1mHj.png 

White window with blinds: mBvyN0n.png 

White Wood Door: nKs1h25.png 

White Wood Door: nKs1h25.png 

White Wood Glass Door: 12yZY2W.png 

White Wood Penthouse Door: O6dm7Vg.png 

White Wooden Front Door: yVe0YaV.png 

White wooden glass door: EEJVyi7.png 

Windowed front door:  WpUUxLP.png


Garage Doors(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Auto repair gate: GbaqqPs.png 

Black grated garage door: qFxM1f4.png 

BLue rusted garage door: t4o7Z7k.png 

Car garage door: IxetgsM.png 

Car paint room door: SB0GaQw.png 

Garage door black 1: ifDyDDn.png  

Grey metal grated garage door: sBMGmU2.png 

Large garage door: y515XL7.png  

Long frosted garage door: S77OunF.png 

No parking garage door: 0PLs19w.png 

Paneled garage door: tG72L2s.png 

Rusty garage door: LxKkVqU.png 

Small garage door: ODSpv6V.png 

Tiny barred gated garage door: AGg9lLD.png 

White beaten garage door: oJQ7QVa.png 

White garage door with windows: qUkMSSS.png 

White wooden garage door: YiXphtW.png 

Windowed garage door: rs4W5G1.png 

Windowed white garage door:  JDyJ8wo.png


Business Doors(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Ammunition door 1: eaZCiLK.png 

Bank door(bolted): e95AgeJ.png 

Bank door (gray): EQcat3B.png 

Bank door 2 (gray): EQcat3B.png 

Bank door w/ glass window: TPQutol.png 

Bank gate door: Mm61sle.png 

Bank gate door 2: 6Bj5ewZ.png 

Bank Glass Door: 0wxeNzF.png  

Bank Glass Door 2: https://i.imgur.com/0wxeNzF.png

Bank Personnel Door: pW9xRiD.png 

Bank Safe Door: oVxINfi.png 

Bank Vault Door: Zsa7Mw2.png 

Barber Shop Door: xak4IQU.png 

Barber Shop Door (l): eDIyuud.png 

Barber 9hop Door (r): : eDIyuud.png 

Brown fire door: hTYiBQi.png 

Clean green door: d6VRNSW.png 

Clean green door 2: OOV0D7e.png 

Clean green door 3: L7jOz4M.png 

Clean green door 4: L7jOz4M.png 

Clean green door w/ window: fHIOXZg.png 

Clothing shop door: LXNMuD5.png 

Clothing shop door 2: LXNMuD5.png 

Clothing store door: cWoHPE6.png 

Corones door 1: FGtg5Cr.png 

Corones door 2: FGtg5Cr.png 

Danger door: ps19Wft.png 

Dark blue door with sign(l): OKe3IBm.png 

Dark blue door with sign (r): OKe3IBm.png 

Dark calender door: f6IN37I.png 

Darkened glass push door: mz0Jwda.png 

Del perro heights door 1: X04VylE.png 

Dirty black door (l): iXBXDSP.png 

Dirty black door (r): iXBXDSP.png 

Dirty door 2: XJjMMyH.png 

Door of the perro 2: ZehXiXZ.png 

Elico glassdoor right: SKj9sVP.png 

Fading green door: 209FMRn.png 

Fleeca bank door: 9irtLsp.png 

Fleeca door transparent: JN5j0II.png 

Fleeca door transparent 2: JN5j0II.png 

Food service door: SGiSoDv.png 

Freezer door: EITmk2z.png 

Gang safe door: 2IDHRie.png 

Glass buisness door 2: LohytJP.png 

Glass business door: XESx93K.png 

Glass business door 1: LohytJP.png 

Glass door w/ wooden frame L: ubKXKhj.png 

Glass door w/ wooden frame R: ubKXKhj.png 

Glass push door: XESx93K.png 

Glass shopping door 1: qX2BHZi.png 

Glass shopping door 2: qX2BHZi.png 

Glass swing door: Pem6SV8.png 

Gold showroom door 1: amsIjgX.png 

Gold showroom door 2: amsIjgX.png 

Green door with window: hloeisz.png 

Green motel door: kMMdB5W.png 

Green push door with window: hloeisz.png 

Green push door with window 2: mYWwYlP.png 

Green staff door: GGesSGi.png 

Hot share door: ONjNjSy.png 

Humane labs door: NIp8DKK.png 

Humane labs door 1: NIp8DKK.png 

Humane labs door 2: NIp8DKK.png 

Janitor front door: WskgKIR.png 

Lab sliding glass door: wR6YLXK.png 

Lab sliding glass door 2: wR6YLXK.png 

Motel door: EchsnTU.png 

New sheriff door: w0vgYDD.png 

No entry door: 1pCnhO4.png 

No entry door 2: dUCNevG.png 

No3 glass door: SQqQjtZ.png 

Office sign door: Lf6NS3v.png 

Push door: EvGCOtW.png 

Push door 2: EvGCOtW.png 

Red door (dirty): 514dhW5.png 

Red door 2(dirty): 514dhW5.png 

Red toilet door: 7nFObPH.png  

Regular office door: ri4t8PV.png 

Reinforced ballistic door: IISZBpV.png 

Revolving door: TtdOOz4.png 

Right epsilon door: Vp3PhQX.png 

Rusty 24/7 parking gate: trmTDhv.png 

Rusty bank door (bolted): gwnvhnG.png 

Secured bank gate door: DCSTfcf.png 

Secured door w/ glass: g7rPQ0S.png 

Security door: y5kMZBQ.png 

Slim steel door transparent: NWAQULI.png 

Slim steel door transparent 2: NWAQULI.png 

Strong green door: wib4N17.png 

Studio cinema door: CFau2Iv.png 

Studio cinema door 2: CFau2Iv.png 

Supermarket door 1: MWwfE7v.png 

Supermarket door 2: 4woZ0of.png 

Tall glass door with bell: STxLeSp.png  

Tattoo parlour door: wJoHBur.png 

Transparent glass door: 08Nkyr5.png 

Triple push door: yFAZUp8.png 

Vangs grass door left: SG6TLvT.png 

Weasel apartments glass door: 2RyJNM8.png 

White fire door: FBPFPTo.png 

White glass no3 door: LGHdS2g.png 

White office door (dirty): u6mg3Nl.png 

White warning door: 4jqHzs4.png 

Wooden bank door w/ glass window: tNPLc9f.png 

Wooden fire door: gtRjv0i.png 

Wooden fire door(wide): rn3Q46P.png 

Wooden glass swing door: Xfgb1ud.png 

Wooden office door: eopoPFZ.png 

Wooden office door 2: Nj79wRK.png 

Wooden push door with windows: 62NAmlZ.png 

Wooden push door with windows 2: lAZ0pgN.png  

Wooden push door with windows 3: d1EUrzU.png 

Wooden window solid: wVxxtNx.png 

Worn sheriff door:  JDW1C7o.png


Blinds and Curtains(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Bamboo blinds: vGfC506.png 

Black blinds: 9iiEdTH.png  

Black shade: RhEM7t3.png 

Open window blinds: RW1LCun.png 

Security shutters: 1UzbPaB.png 

Security shutters 2:  9CbMM7g.png


Windows(полный список)

Скрытый текст

Alligner windows: hn8bUYb.png 

Fancy patterned window: TDzN9NQ.png 

Frosted glass window 2: mmMscC6.png 

Glazed windows: 5cVDtcZ.png 

Large clear window: cUp4Iba.png 

Large window: LAKL4XT.png 

Large window 1: WNFMMmG.png 

Large window 2: C8eeLFk.png 

Medium frosted window: age9iCs.png 

Metal window frame: TIjXaep.png 
Old gray door netted window: